Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child too young to learn?

From age 7 is generally considered the best time to start, although I will consider starting them earlier at my discretion.

Am I too old to learn?

No, you're never too old to learn and, in fact, learning a musical instrument has been proven to be very beneficial for the brain in later years!

What length of lesson can I have?

The usual length of a lesson is thirty minutes on a weekly basis to begin with. More advanced pupils (usually post-Grade 5) often choose to have forty-five minutes.

How much do lessons cost?

£20 for a thirty minute lesson, £30 for forty-five minutes from September 2014. (Please note fees are subject to change)

Will you come to my house to teach me?

No, lessons take place at my home in Orpington, Kent.

When will I be billed?

At the beginning of each half-term.

What exams can I take?

I use mainly the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music but also enter pupils for Trinity Guildhall post Grade 5 if they prefer.

Do I have to take exams?

No, there is no pressure to take exams although many do choose to do so.

Do I need my own piano at home?

Yes, you will need either a piano, keyboard or digital piano.

How much practice do I need to do?

It is more important to practice on a regular basis (preferably every day) than for a longer period of time once or twice a week. Around 10 to 15 minutes daily is about right for a child beginner.

Is a keyboard suitable to practice on?

As long as it has full size keys and is a musical instrument rather than a child's toy it's fine to start with.

Are digital pianos and keyboards the same thing?

No, a digital piano will have piano-touch keys so will feel more like a piano to play.

Which piano should I buy?

There are many options, including hiring a piano and I am able to put you in touch with the appropriate people through my business contacts.

My piano needs tuning or fixing, can you help?

Yes, I am able to recommend a number of reliable tuners and technicians in the area.

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